Healthcare Innovation Show 2017: Where innovation meets healthcare in Brazil!

It’s always good to see executives, entrepreneurs, startups and big companies in the same room. The Healthcare Innovation Show (HIS), which happens in São Paulo,  has done this, in a very powerful and strong way.

Organized by Live Healthcare Media, Healthcare Innovation Show is in its third edition, having established itself as the most important tradeshow for innovation in the healthcare sector.

Seeing startups showing their solutions on the side of a big companies – or even together – is something unsual in Brazil, but at HIS it is something ordinary.

HIS brought to us some of the most innovative solutions from startups and big companies, showing us that startups in the healthcare sector  is non stoppable transformation.

What we saw in HIS is that big companies are pushing up their team to do more startup thinking, and push for more innovative projects.

Video: Fernando Cembranelli, Health Innova HUB


MedRoom is a Virtual Reality solution for medical treining, which showed a great solution. For me, it was the first time I used the solution, and it was absolutly amazing.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-26 at 12.29.15

Photo: Me, using MedRoom solution

Vinicius, co-founder, told me more about the solution. MedRoom is delivering not only training, but also a new way of learning and teaching, with a new experience.

There is nothing like this in the market yet, and the target, already reached, is to reach universities, big companies and hospitals.


Hilab is another unique solution for lab diagnosis. A portable analysis equipment, focused in deliver pacient results based in the point of care.

The startup garantee results in about 5 to 20 minutes, and has already good partners to deliver the solution to a great number of users.

ViBe – Viva Bem

ViBe is a startup focused in identifying and delivering a better life for the  comunity that uses the app.


The solution for population health management is growing steadily in the market.

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