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Why Hardware Startups, must go to HAX Accelerator, in Shenzhen ?

When the prime accelerators were born, like Tech Stars, and Y Combinator, it was all about software. The success stories were all about AirBnb, Dropbox, Paypall, to the point that we almost forgot about the software+hardware opportunities.

Therefore, we were more than glad to go to Shenzhen and visit the first and visit the first and leading global Hardware Accelerator.

Why HealthcareTrek China – Impressões de Shenzhen

HAX receives startups from all over the world, in which it invests and the list of startups that have gone through the program is absolutely mind-blowing, as you can see below.

Doesn’t matter where you are from, certainly you will find a founder from your country at HAX, as we have found a Brazilian founder.

The reason that HAX Accelerator is unique and very hard to replicate is that Shenzhen is the leading global HUB for Hardware components and you can find everything you need, in a few steps away and at a great price. 

Vídeo: Shenzhen: Then Silicon Valley of Hardware

Moreover, startups can change their mockups, as fast as they want, and something that in Brazil would take two weeks, there takes 12 hours, for example.

Vídeo: HAX Accelerator

Therefore if you are a Hardware Startup, or an investor willing to invest in a Hardware Startup, look seriously for HAX Accelerator as your best partner, in the strongest market for Hardware startups.

Fernando Cembranelli

CEO Health Innova HUB