UnitedHealthcare CEO: Digital health will soon be synonymous with health

This is an excerpt from a note from Business Insider Intelligence’s new Digital Health coverage. Click here to learn how to access to full interview.

Vídeo: Healthcare Summit 2017: What the Heck does “Value”  mean ?m with UnitedHealth CEO, Steve Nelson

The US healthcare industry is in a state of flux, as rising costs, shifting consumer expectations, and a changing reimbursement model threaten a fragmented healthcare system. Insurers are tasked with the balancing act of controlling customer healthcare costs while also encouraging healthcare providers to move to a reimbursement system that emphasizes value over volume.

UnitedHealthcare Rally Platform
UnitedHealth Rally Platform
Business Insider Intelligence

Business Insider Intelligence recently spoke with UnitedHealthcare CEO Steve Nelson to understand how UnitedHealthcare — the largest health insurance company in the US — has implemented a digital health strategy to address these challenges. We discussed what’s been successful in UnitedHealthcare’s adoption of digital health, and the obstacles it faced in executing digital health solutions. We also spoke about the disruptive role non-traditional entrants could have in the future digital health landscape — and when digital health will be synonymous with health. Below are some of the highlights of our conversation.


De:  and Business Insider, 12/09/18

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