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Apesar de ser uma necessidade fundamental de todo ser humano, o sono √© ainda uma √°rea pouco compreendida, sendo que o avan√ßo em seu estudo veio apenas em d√©cadas mais recentes. Apesar disso, os dist√ļrbios do sono afetam milh√Ķes de pessoas ao redor do mundo e os profissionais especializados em dist√ļrbios do sono ainda s√£o uma raridade, mesmo nos grandes centros urbanos, como S√£o Paulo.

Neste sentido, um médico pediatra israelense tomou a improvável rota de se tornar empreendedor na área do sono e criou a Sleeprate, que hoje está presente nos Estados Unidos, e através do seu App, ajuda milhares de pessoas a melhorar seu sono e buscar ajuda quando necessário.

A biografia da Dra. Anda revela um caminho revelador; uma profissional formada em f√≠sica e medicina, que fez pesquisa, que se especializou em pediatria e sono, publicou em jornais peer reviewed e possui diversas patentes em sua √°rea. Ela √© a pesquisadora chefe na √°rea de sono e performance em atletas jovens do Wingate Israeli National Sports Institute,¬†aonde treinam os atletas ol√≠mpicos israelenses. ¬†Esta trajet√≥ria √ļnica, levou √† Dr. Anda a ser uma das co-fundadoras do SleepRate, unindo ci√™ncia em sa√ļde e empreendedorismo, no mais alto n√≠vel, uma uni√£o muito dif√≠cil de se ver no Brasil infelizmente.

Atualmente, a empresa acaba de lan√ßar o Global Sleep Fix Campaign,¬†para aumentar a conscientiza√ß√£o, a respeito dos dist√ļrbios do sono e oferecer acesso gratuito √† solu√ß√£o SleepRate para qualquer um de qualquer lugar. Para maiores detalhes:¬†


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Abaixo, uma entrevista exclusiva que fizemos com o Dr. Anda, sobre sua trajetória, a criação da SleepRate, a abertura da empresa nos Estados Unidos e  os desafios de pesquisa:

Entrevista EXCLUSIVA com Dra. Anda, founder da Sleeprate:

  • Dr. Anda can you tell us a little about your background ?

My short bio:

 Dr. Anda Baharav holds Physics and Medicine degrees from Tel Aviv University. She specialized in Pediatrics and Sleep Medicine. In her research at the Medical Physics Department of Tel Aviv University, she integrated clinical and physiological studies with signal processing. Beside her clinical activity in academic centers, Dr.  Baharav conducted research on Autonomic Nervous System function during normal and pathological sleep. She mentored graduate students, published in peer reviewed journals, and holds several patents. She is leading research on sleep and performance in young athletes at the Wingate Israeli National Sports Institute. Dr. Baharav is the co-founder and CEO at HypnoCore-SleepRate, a company with the vision to make sleep diagnosis and improvement widely available.

  • How is the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Israel for healthcare entrepreneurs?

Health related knowledge and technology is flourishing in Israel with a many medical device and digital startups active at any given time. Just a few at the beginning of their way in the field of digital health, and lately in the news:

Datos Health, a patient-generated health data management company in Tel Aviv, signed a go-to-market agreement to expedite entry of its remote IoT solution in the US early in 2017. Datos automatically manages and validates relevant data from wearables and personal medical devices for clinical decision support without need for a monitoring call center. Four pilot programs in Israel are using Datos to monitor diabetes, high blood pressure, long-term and post-acute care.

Oxitone, based in Kfar Saba, expects to launch sales in 2017 of its wrist-worn pulse oximeter for continuous blood oxygen monitoring to track and manage chronic disease. The platform, connected via Bluetooth to smartphone and cloud, collects data from a pool of sensors and sends alerts to possible complications.

Tempdrop wearable device tracks changes in a woman’s basal temperature to help predict ovulation. While she sleeps, the device collects thousands of data points on body temperature and motion. When removed, it automatically syncs with any smartphone fertility app. The company, based in Kfar Saba, is making its first shipments shortly.

ContinUse Biometrics  is gaining traction in the medical arena for its single-sensor platform that detects nanoscale movements in fully dressed people at any angle, enabling non-contact measurement of heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing pace, glucose level, oxygen saturation and blood-alcohol levels. Newborn intensive care units, sleep labs and telemedicine providers are among those interested in the platform. The first products from this Tel Aviv company are going to market by the second half of 2017.

  • Why SleepRate was started and what was it?

The parent company, HypnoCore has been founded in 2006, based on clinical academic research on sleep and autonomic nervous function studied using signals originating in the heart and Heart Rate Variability, with the mission to allow simple, reliable and cost effective sleep diagnostics at home. The first sleep solution is FDA and CE cleared and allows sleep evaluation and OSA diagnosis based on ECG and oxygen saturation only.

When Smartphones and Wearables became available, the mission of making sleep evaluation accessible to everyone in need allowed the initial dream to become reality, and SleepRate was founded. The first product for the consumer market was sleep monitoring based on instantaneous heart rate measurements obtained with fitness chest belts during sleep. Gradually sleep measurement expanded to include also perceived information regarding sleep, a sleep assessment followed, and the latest add on (with collaboration from Stanford University behavioral sleep department) is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia,

Now the solution is quite comprehensive and deals with sleep improvement for Insomnia, Circadian Sleep Disorders, Insufficient Sleep, and Poor Sleep Related Habits. The solution works with a wide range of off the shelf wearables (device agnostic).

  • How much R&D was necessary to develop the solution?

The consumer solution required 5-6 years to become comprehensive, and device agnostic.

  • When SleepRate started its US Operations?


  • How has SleepRate evolved over time?

SleepRate offers sleep monitoring and insight to elite athletes, and has over 50,000 users in US, Canada, Europe, and the rest of the world. SleepRate works with one of the big insurance companies in the US.

  • How have smartphones impacted the solution?

Smartphone made the dissemination of SleepRate solution possible.

  • What are the news regarding SleepRate?

We have launched the Global Sleep Fix Campaign to raise awareness to sleep problems and offer free access to SleepRate solution to anybody/everywhere. Please see details at You are invited to join the challenge and invite your friends, family and colleagues to find out how they sleep and get help with their sleep if needed.



Foto: Painel do SleepRate


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