Health Innova HUB is the leading Healthcare Innovation HUB for Brazil. We bring and develop communities of healthcare entrepreneurs so can they help each other and foster healthcare entrepreneurship in emerging economies.

Capa Health Innova HUB Centro

Our mission is:

“To transforma healthcare through entrepreneurship and innovation”

Our vision is:

To be the leading Latin American Health Innovation HUB in 5 years 

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We are long-trem supporters of  healthcare startups (up to 3 years), and invest in healthcare startups through our partnership with Bossa Nova Investimentos, the largest startup investor in Brazil.

Our CEO, Fernando Cembranelli, is a MD, from the Federal University of São Paulo and a  MBA from Duke University in 2014, with a certificate in the Healthcare Sector Management Program (HSM).

He is the co-founder of EmpreenderSaúde, which merged with IT Mídia healthcare branch, creating the leading healthcare business media in Brazil, Live Healthcare Media. He is also CEO of Berrini Ventures, the first digital health accelerator in Brazil.

Contact us: hello@berriniventures.com

Foto Final Clínica do Amanha

Photo: Clínica do Amanhã 2017 at CUBO (Reference Innovation HUB in São Paulo)

Best regards,

Fernando Cembranelli

CEO Health Innova HUB